The expert in molecular imaging and nano-scale structural data analysis.

Our expertise lies in advanced computational analysis of proteins, biologics and nanoparticles for pharmaceutical research & development.

3D cryo-electron microscopy service

Celine 3D

3D cryo-electron microscopy service

  • Comprehensive "Gene-to-Structure" workflow.
  • Technique fuelled by unique advanced algorithms.
  • Fast turnaround times.
  • Ideal for protein complexes, biologics and nanoparticles.

service WORKFLOW

Celine 3D

Service workflow

Step 1: Submit sample

You prepare a sample that meets the following minimal analysis requirements and ship it to us:

  • 100 uL sample volume at a concentration of 0.5 mg/mL
  • Low ionic-strength buffer without cryo protectants and extensively polymerizing substances.
  • Typical samples include drug-delivery nanoparticles (micelles, liposomes, oligo-based), viruses, membrane proteins, antibodies/epitopes and other biologics
Step 2: Sample screening

When the samples arrive in our imaging facility, we evaluate the behaviour of your sample under cryo conditions and:

  • check for aggregation, optimal particle concentration, and complex stability,
  • suggest Go/No-Go for the Analysis,
  • give cost & time estimate of the Analysis.
Step 3: Submit order for analysis or resubmit sample

With green light from the sample screening, you submit an order for the analysis. We then:

  • collect the 2D cryo TEM images on high-end electron microscope,
  • estimate the final achievable resolution,
  • provide you with initial trial model constructed from small subset of the collected data.
Step 4: Receive results - The 3D structural models

We perform the advanced iterative computational reconstruction and give you the 3D structural models of your complex that include:

  • regular updates with intermediate results,
  • robust resolution estimation,
  • models of all identified conformations,
  • fitting with X-ray models, if available.